Keep Your Business Safe with Document Shredding
Identity theft is increasingly becoming common globally. Identity thieves are busy stealing personal information which is being used to assume the identity of an individual or even an organization. Proper document shredding or destruction is an important component when conducting any type of business. Consumers are also getting concerned about the security of the information they share with companies due to rising incidences of identity theft. For those of you interested, Shred-it has more information available on their website.

People running commercial entities are always concerned about keeping all sensitive information protected and keeping trade information private. Improper disposal of private and confidential information has consequences as it could potentially cost your company lots of money in lawsuits, time, and brand embarrassment.

Legal Reasons

Keeping the identity of your clients confidential is important and you must do everything it takes towards protecting them. For example, even though you ideally ought not to be taking down details of a client’s credit card, if you ever do that, it’s vital that such sensitive information is shred right after use.

In Canada, it is a legal requirement that client information is kept secure. Shredding helps keep your business compliant in regard to PIPEDA, FIPPA, PHIPA, and MFIPPA rules and regulations. Besides giving you peace of mind, being compliant keeps your organization out of trouble with the law, and also gives clients confidence in your business.

Employees too have a legal right in Canada to privacy, and expect any personal information given to you will be kept safe. That is why regular document shredding becomes very vital if you want to stay within the confines of the law.

Save On Space

You certainly don’t need all those paper piles in your office. One excellent way of creating more space in your office is doing away with unnecessary papers by getting them shredded regularly. It not only creates more space for more useful purposes, but also ensures that no documents lands in the wrong hands.


Besides being illegal and utterly irresponsible to be throwing away sensitive and private documents, it also has an environmental impact. But with proper document shredding, you’ll not only be staying compliant but also ensuring that your waste paper gets recycled in a manner that is eco-friendly.Your shredded paper can be recycled into making other useful products, effectively contributing to environmental conservation by saving a tree.


Whether it’s your own sensitive data or a client’s, keeping secure and confidential is essential. When you hold on to documents that are no longer needed and which are not securely kept, it can pose a threat in terms of a potential data breach.

Proper and timely shredding makes your operations to be more efficient, ensuring you are working in an environment that is clutter-free. Most importantly, it ensures peace of mind in the knowledge that all your business and client information is secure and cannot be retrieved once shredded. For those of you interested, Shred-it has more information available on their website.

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