Domestic and Commercial Cleaning. What’s the Difference?

Cleaning to many people means exactly that, cleaning. It is, however, important to learn the differences between domestic and commercial cleaning especially if you intend to hire a commercial cleaner. Commercial cleaning differs from your cleaning in many ways; the main difference being that domestic cleaning takes place in a residential environment, while commercial cleaning happens in the business or corporate environment.

Here are the main areas where the two cleaning methods differ.

Areas of Operation

Domestic cleaning refers to regular cleaning tasks that are done in a residential environment. It is a home job and includes any cleaning task that is done under its vicinity. Commercial janitorial service is similar to domestic cleaning regarding their essential functions. The former is, however, more professional and is done in public settings and organizations.

Safety and Health Standards

Commercial cleaners use approaches that comply with the special safety and health standards of particular environments such as hospitals, schools, warehouses, shopping centers, banks, retail stores, and supermarkets. They use quite expensive but efficient machines to clean.

In domestic cleaning, residents set their standards. Their primary concern is maintaining a tidy and neat home. Since there is no much traffic in the house, domestic janitorial service does not have to focus so much on the health standard certifications.

Technicalities Involved

Domestic janitorial service is performed using simple household tools like wipers, dusters, broom, and brush. However, since commercial janitorial is more professional and large scale, it requires specialized machinery, products, and tools to clean large buildings. Many of the tools and machinery used to clean large businesses are simply too powerful to be employed in a home.

Man Power

Domestic cleaning is done by one person only. However, commercial janitorial services can be such enormous tasks that require a team of cleaners. For many offices, hiring one cleaner would not be suitable- a team of cleaners and maintenance experts are required.

Other Differences

  • Commercial janitorial services tend to be done during off-peak hours since commercial spaces need to be cleaned when they are not being used.
  • Due to a large number of workers in an office, commercial cleaning is required far more regularly compared to domestic cleaning. Also, the kinds of activities that take place in commercial places make them require thorough cleaning on a daily basis.

While both domestic and commercial cleaning are normal and requisite functions, commercial janitorial service is more intricate, elaborate, and technical, and involves a lot more than mere dusting and mopping the floor. There are many differences between the two types of cleaning, but you can look for professional help to carry out the two tasks. For more information, please visit Arelli Cleaning to find additional resources.

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