• Bioenergy
    Bioenergy “Centre of Information”

    The BioenergyPartnership consolidate information of businesses, academic institutions and government and organizations involved in the bioenergy sector in Canada. There, leaders in information about the bioenergy from business, government, organizations, academia and financial sectors gathered to discuss proven and emerging technologies, critical success factors for the growth of the industry, the role of partnerships, and […]

  • Business
    Domestic and Commercial Cleaning. What’s the Difference?

    Cleaning to many people means exactly that, cleaning. It is, however, important to learn the differences between domestic and commercial cleaning especially if you intend to hire a commercial cleaner. Commercial cleaning differs from your cleaning in many ways; the main difference being that domestic cleaning takes place in a residential environment, while commercial cleaning happens in the business or corporate environment.

  • Environment
    A Guide to Waste Management

    The city of Surrey, Vancouver is on the cutting edge of waste management. The have chosen to be the forerunners in separating organics (food scraps), recycling and solid waste. In 2015, the city incited a ban on organics being collected with solid waste. They also implemented a six month grace period to give restaurants and residents a chance to adjust to this new rule. The purpose is to reuse the organics. The food scraps can assist with the cutting of GHG emissions and reduce landfill dependence while being reused in horticulture and farming to create more food. Other uses involve creating compost and biofuel. This is the plan for waste disposal.

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    The Benefits Of Recycling Containers In Canada

    At one time, there was a concern in Canada that its landfills were reaching capacity. The ability to find sites for new landfills was becoming a struggle. It was estimated that over 24 percent of methane emissions from all of Canada was produced from its landfills. Programs that utilized recycling containers were developed and greatly improved during the 1990s. The amount of recycling from Canadian households has increased significantly since that time.

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    What to Expect From an Office Cleaning Service Provider

    You most likely have some questions about office cleaning services, especially if you are hiring a commercial cleaning service provider for the very first time. Apart from aesthetic purposes, maintaining a clean environment is a necessity when it comes to ensuring you provide both your employees and visitors with an ideal and healthy environment. As such, the cleaning of warehouses, office complexes, office buildings, and other commercial structures needs to be done by a professional service provider. Below are the answers to some of the most common questions about commercial cleaning.

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    Keep Your Business Safe with Document Shredding

    Identity theft is increasingly becoming common globally. Identity thieves are busy stealing personal information which is being used to assume the identity of an individual or even an organization. Proper document shredding or destruction is an important component when conducting any type of business. Consumers are also getting concerned about the security of the information they share with companies due to rising incidences of identity theft.

  • Environment
    Analysis of the main technological advances in Warman pumps’ engineering over the past 2 decades

    Over the past 2 decades, the main technological advances in the engineering of pumps have been primarily in the areas of wear resistance, serviceability, and the development of more durable pumps. According to the company, a pump’s efficiency and hydraulics don’t count much if the pump cannot pump or if there isn’t water coming out at the other end of the pipe. Nonetheless, by ensuring that a pump has the highest wear resistance and is easy to maintain and service, optimum uptime and efficiency are easily ensured.

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    The Benefits of Reusable Bags

    The art of living is something that is a constant quest of give and take. It’s for this very reason that finding ways to take care of the space that we occupy is so important. If you’re guessing whether or not this article is going to be about recycling then your intuition is correct. While […]

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    Document Destruction – Why is it important for your business?

    No matter what type of business you may be running, chances are that you have confidential information. If you have confidential information in any documents whatsoever, then document destruction simply must be something that you prioritize at all times. As rampant as identity theft is today, document shredding can be a first line of defense against any malicious entities that may be waiting for the right moment of carelessness to take advantage of. What a paper shredding services Dolphin Coast service does for you is far more than just disposing of the spare parchment idling around your place of business.